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Our complete guide to self storage

on Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

our guide to self storage in cardiff

What is self storage?

Until I started working for 1st Self Access Storage Ltd I had no real idea what self storage meant.

I'd personally used an old farmer's barn to store my possesions mid-move and i'd seen various storage buildings up the M3 corridor but I had no real idea what the industry was up to. Indeed "only 48% of the public have a good knowledge of self storage" according the Self Storage Association.

Self storage really means renting some space on a temporary basis to solve whatever current need you may have.

Why use self storage?

business storage in full swing Birmingham


There are endless advantages to using self storage, some are below, some reasons are your own but we hope you may choose one of our branches either in Salisbury, Cardiff or Birmingham.

  • Self storage is a convenient way of storing excess 'stuff' you may have in your house
  • You may be selling and buying a new house and need temporary storage
  • You may be running a small business and need to operate somewhere on flexible terms
  • You may have recently seperated or lost a family member and need to empty a house
  • Your garden shed may be damp and unsecure and you want your sports kit nice and safe

 How does it all work then?

  1. Choose your location. We operate in Cardiff, Salisbury and Birmingham. Click here for our locations
  2. Choose your storage unit size. We generally have good availability of sizes in each of our locations. Sizes range from 10 - 250 sq ft. It's always best if you can to have a look at your unit before you move in.
  3. Pack your items and simply bring them to us
  4. Move in. We do some brief paperwork including taking a copy of some photo ID and first month's payment

See you soon!


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